artRAVE London!

This isn't a review or anything, although I'll probably label it as one so it can sit under the 'Reviews' tab.

Anyway, where was I, yes... here we are.

Last week, I saw Lady Gaga twice at the O2 arena, as part of her artRAVE tour, and let me tell you - that woman really knows how to put on a show! I've seen her before, but her creative genius when it comes to her tours, never ceases to amaze me.  THE STAGE PRETTY MUCH LOOKED LIKE AN ICE PALACE! and with the walk ways that were heading into every which way direction, no matter where you were standing, you got to be close to Gaga! And her speeches, SO MANY FEELS.

As I said, this isn't a review, so I am just going to post a bunch of photos, and a video (if it wants to work) below.

I would really recommend going to see her though. I have been to a lot of concerts/gigs/shows, and Gaga is definitely one of the best I have ever seen.

This confetti pretty much rained down during every song...  Every song had it's own theme of confetti 

Take me to your Venus!

I loved this flowery things that just appeared from the stage! 

Aphrodite lady, sea shell bikini, GARDEN PANTY. VENUS!

The second night I went, I sat on Level 4, or at least I was supposed to... until I had a panic attack.

So the kind stewards, moved me lower down, to where I had this awesome view

The last photo that I took. - 1. My Phone died. 2. I wanted to have a good time, and not take a whole bunch of photos. 

It really was an awesome show though.  

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