Birthday trip to London!

I was going to write a rather depressing post today, about how it was my birthday the other week, and how ageing terrifies me, and that I feel like I have done nothing with my life, however I have decided against that. (I still have part of that post written out, so it may be finished at some other point!) Instead, I wanted to share the day with you guys, my lovely loyal readers, and talk about how we take things for granted. 

Daniel, Robert and I
I live in London, I have done my entire life; and it's beauty never ceases to amaze me. The old buildings, the monuments, the tube, the thames, everything that plays a part in London's history, and because of this, I am proud to be a Londoner. However, every now and then I forget what it's like to be surrounded by such greatness, and it takes a good old fashioned tourist's day out to remind myself of the great city I call home. 

A friend of mine, who was doing a study abroad semester in London, spent his last evening standing on the embankment, watching the sun set behind The Houses of Parliament, and it wasn't until that point that I realised just how magical London really is. I've always understood it from a historical point of view, due to the immense about of history and impact England has had on the world, but then to realise that half of the buildings have seen more people than I ever will in a lifetime is crazy. These century old buildings, that have survived countless tragedies and wars, that are older than at least ten countries including America, are not only part of London's story, or even the worlds, they're a part of our story! Sure, England isn't a world leader anymore, she may have lost her empire, and had her tea sunk to the bottom of Boston Harbour, but that doesn't change what we stand for!  We are over polite, tea drinking yuppys, with an excellent taste in architecture, and I personally wouldn't have it any other way.

Standing on the Embankment with him on that day, really put London into perspective for me, and I now not only love it from a historical point of view, but from a humanitarian point of view.

London was here before us, and it will still be there after us, but it will always be London. 
The Houses of Parliament and The Queen Elizabeth II Tower! 

Because of this, instead of going out to get completely wasted on my birthday, my friends and I took a boat trip along the river Thames, soaking in the history, the sights, and the things you don't usually see just by walking down the street.  We got on by the Millennium wheel, and embarked upon a forty-five minute river boat cruise along the Thames! If you are ever stuck for things to do in London, then I would honestly recommend doing this, and at £13.00 it's practically a bargain!  I wont tell you too much about the boat ride itself, as I don't want to ruin if for anyone, but if you happen to have the same tour guide I did, then you Harry Potter and James Bond fans, will be in for a treat! 

Of course it wouldn't be a real birthday celebration without cocktails, so after the tour, we took a leisurely (history filled) walk across Westminster Bridge, up to towards Trafalgar Square, and then onto Leicester Square, in order to visit my favourite cocktail restaurant! TGI Fridays!

No matter how many cities I fall in love with over the course of my life, London will always be my first love, and no matter where I end up, I will always call London my home. 

Here are some photos from the day:

The London Eye - The Millenium Wheel - The EDF Wheel. Whatever you wanna call it.


If you don't know, I am a big supporter of the Guide Dogs charity, so I was really happy to see this! 

I also saw this super coon afternoon tea bus, and I am now intrigued to try it out!!

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