14 photos that sum up your life.


I love photography. When you take a photo you aren't just saving an image, you're capturing a memory, an emotion, a period of time. I decided to go and look at some old photos, which then resulted in me looking at new photos, and then remembering memories and people, and events and places, and it made me appreciate my past a lot more - is that weird? 

Anyway, I chose 14 of my favourite photos from my the entirety of my existence, and now I am challenging you to do the same thing. I chose these photos, because they show how I have evolved over the past twenty-two years, and because I miss being Ginger. 

I'm tagging my friend Robert, and all of you. So go do it! 

Me (5), my brother and my cousin on a family outing to Little Hampton. 

Me (9) at the Hellfire caves, High Wycombe 

(13) On a holiday in Florida. They were the good old days.

(15) Here comes the Teenage angst mixed with the smell of rebellion. Or possibly hair dye.
(16) Still Angsty, and this time on holiday

(16) At my prom. Is is bad that I have no idea who the two girls on the end of the right side are? I must have gone to school with them, but I have no memories of them whatasoever. 

(17) At my cousins 30th birthday party - my dad was trying to wrestle me for a photo.

(17) That Teenage angst is back, but at least I was eating healthy.

(17) Titanic'ing off a bridge - forever classy

(18) My friend had a party where girls dressed as guys, and guys dressed as girls. Somehow I got wrapped up in clingfilm! 
(19) 6th form prom, at a local night club! 

(20) My little cousin and I at a party. - I look older there, than what I do now. 

(21) Last New Years Eve! 

(21) This past summer, I accidentally hung out with a bunch of horses whilst I was walking to the woods. It was kinda cool!  

I have changed so much over the years, and not my hair colour. It's weird to look back on different stages of my life - it feels like yesterday when I was sixteen, and thought that I was drowning in all of the worlds issues, little did I know that growing up would enhance that by at least a million!

 This is a lot harder than it looks, and even now, I am thinking about changing some of the photos. Mainly because so much has happened in my little life, and I want to share it all!


  1. Awww I love this post! I adore looking back at old photos. You have a lovely blog and I am looking forward to you hosting the Lbloggers chat later!
    New follower!
    Collette xxx

  2. I love looking back at old photos, and its always great to see the changes in life between them! Great post! x

  3. Ahhh, thank you so much!! xoxo


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