Christina Perri at the KoKo

If you haven't figured out from past posts, I am a big Christina Perri fan. Including last Monday, I have seen her seven times, and every time I see her, she just gets better and better.  I remember seeing her play a small pub in London, that could hold little over a hundred people, multiple small shows across Europe, and now a sold out show at the iconic KoKo, in Camden!

If you haven't heard of her, you should check her two albums, and four EP's including a collection of Christmas songs -perfect for this time of year! 

She has a beautiful voice, a powerful voice. A voice that sings words that actually matter, and in the world that we have today, that means something. Her songs have meaning, they say something, they make you feel! I have previously reviewed her so if you are interested in finding out more click, right here!

I really hoped she would play Bang Bang Bang, but alas, it was not meant to be

Here are some photo's from last Monday! 


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