Ice cream misery: last scoop of inspiration.

Despite my digestive system and dairy not being the best of friends, I have just eaten an entire tub of ice cream. I have also watched Bridget Jones' Diaries twenty-two times since Sunday, and although I probably should, I really do not care.

My guts are currently churning, I can feel them convulsing inside of me, and it's all because I ate ice cream. 

I don't suppose there is much of a purpose to this post really, but I wanted to share it anyway, because even though my stomach is cramping in ways unimaginable, I don't regret it. Ice cream is amazing! Especially Hagen Das vanilla ice cream. 

Don't regret the choices you have made, because at one point or another, they were something you really wanted to do. You cannot dwell on the past, it can't be changed, you can't take things back. Life is but a series of events, some of them better than others, and all you can really do is roll with the punchlines and make lemonade. 


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