January sales haul

January, a students favourite time of year. After Christmas sales plus the new semesters loan, you can't go wrong! 

This morning I woke up, checked my bank account, and then swiftly headed into town for some much needed retail therapy.  First on my list was Shampoo and conditioner: I usually use Full Restore Five, but I fancied a change. It wasn't that the previous one was bad, it's just that I have been using it for so long, I don't notice the benefits of it. I stayed with Lóreal, but I decided to try their latest product in their hair care range. Extraordinary oil boasts that it helps dry hair, creates softness, lustrous shine, and effortless flow. I currently have no opinion on the shampoo as I am yet to try it, but it smells amazing. 

I then ventured into Topshop, where I picked up Wine high waisted jeans, that EPIC dinosaur tee, from 'tea and cake' and a khaki green jumper that I have had my eye on since before Christmas; I can't wait to wear it tomorrow! 

I also picked up a copy of Ali Smiths Booker Prize nominated novel, How to be both. I have to read it for a class at university, but in all honesty I am slightly looking forward to reading it. I always get excited about reading new books, but I think I am slightly more so over this, as it comes so highly regarded. I'm sure I'll be reviewing it some time soon. 

Did you pick up anything in the sales this year? I'd love to know, you might inspire me to go on another spree! 

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