Late festive crafting: I made a Gingerbread house!

As January progresses, Christmas is becoming nothing but a distant memory. The once beautifully decorated tree's are now browning and littering street corners, and the previous joys of eating left over tubes of Pringles is becoming sickening. However, that doesn't mean you can't indulge in some late festivities!

Robert, from Iwrotealittlesomething knowing how much I have always wanted to build one, gifted me this wonderful Gingerbread house for Christmas. I was ecstatic, I was over the moon, I was filled with so much joy that I could not contain it! I couldn't wait to build it, and spent most of Sunday itching with anticipation, so I could put it together and decorate it!

I should probably add that I didn't receive it until this Saturday just gone, due to complications and conflicts in schedule, but it was well worth the wait.

It came with all the necessary things needed to build the house, four wall pieces and two roof pieces, an incredible amount of icing, and all the finishing touches.  I wasn't tempted to just cover a piece with icing, stick all the jellies to it, and then devour that - not at all. Nope. Okay maybe I was tempted.

Anyway, I followed the instructions on the back of the box, filled all the crevices on the tray/stand with icing and began to build away.

Due to my inexperience with gingerbread house making, and my fear that it was going to fall apart, I may have used a little too much icing, but I convinced myself that it looks like snow. It does look like snow right?

And then I set to work on decorating. I tried to make it as symmetrical and colourful as possible, plus I wanted to save some of the Jellies so I could eat them - they tasted like those little Jellies you used to get in lucky bags when you were a kid, it was definitely a throwback for my tastebuds! 

See Symmetry at its finest! Or perhaps just an overuse of icing?

Tadaaaa!!! Apart from a small mess up, where I was going to decorate the windows, but then changed my mind, I was done - and in my personal opinion this is a pretty badass gingerbread house! It tasted amazing too. 

I can't wait to build one again next year, and hopefully I will have picked up some decorating skills along the way.  Thank you, Robert for buying me this, and giving me the opportunity to full-fill my life long christmas wish. 


  1. This looks fab! And a great way to build a gingerbread house without having to faff and find all the many ingredients. Definitely need to do this next year! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. I made one of these, it was fun but I didn't eat any of it, it felt more like a decoration that something to eat. So i put it on the bird table- they seem to have enjoyed it! ha

  3. Haha, I wish I would have thought of that! I ate part of it, then tried to pawn it off on my family, haha!

  4. Cute to look at, rank to eat ha!x


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