Lazy days and Mondays: Ageing is weird pt. 2


I recently wrote a post about how ageing weirds me out. It legitimately terrifies me, and this post is another reason as to why that is.  (You can read the original post here)

You'll have to excuse the cat hair, my cat decided to mult all over my bed, and I didn't realise until after I took the above photo. I washed my sheets about an hour after this photo was taken, so fear not, my bed is now hair free.  

The shoes in the photo are my very first shoes. My mum was going through her wardrobe and she came across a tiny shoebox, and inside was an even tinier pair of shoes. From the second I looked at them I could feel myself start to panic. Then I measured them to the size of my feet now, and I started to panic even more. I felt like a giant. Let me just clarify that my feet aren't that big, I am a size seven or an eight, (well it's probably more of a seven and a half but not everywhere in England does half sizes. The Vans store do though, which is kind of why I love them) but, if you were to compare that to your very first pair of proper shoes, it's enough to make you think you should be chasing kids down a beanstalk. And then my thought process spiralled from there.

When we're born we are so tiny, and then as we get older we get bigger. This isn't a new revelation to me, I know that I wasn't born being five foot six, with size seven, (sometimes a size eight) feet, weighing far too much. Our waistline changes as we get older - and we have the power to change it even further, but once our feet grow, we can't make them smaller, or bigger. We can't buy a pair of shoes and then say to our selfs  "this is my footspiration, these are the reason why I want smaller toes". As we grow, so do our feet, they see all the things we see, experience our entire lives with us, they take us to our destinations, yet they never get a say on the journey leads to. 

It's weird to think that my feet once fit in such a small pair of shoes, and that said pair of shoes remained so clean and intact. My feet are almost three times the size of this shoe now, and I know I will never fit into them ever again, but I'm still going to keep them. Perhaps for sentiment, or perhaps as a reminder that people grow. I know I am not the same person I was back then, I was two so it's pretty hard to compare, but I like to think that personalities are like feet. They grow until you're about sixteen, and by that point they have reached the size they are supposed to be, they may go though a few changes after that, fashion wise, tattoo wise, pain wise, but underneath they will remain that same foot you grew up with, that you will carry through life. 

Maybe this post should have been called, feet are weird.  

I don't even know if I have a conclusion for this post, it's a mass bunch of my thoughts about feet, and ageing, and shoes, how do you even sum that up?  I have a lot of weird thoughts, about a lot of weird things, and I guess I just wanted to share some of those with you. Apologies for having such a weird brain. 

My shoes now: Old Faithfuls. @DrMartens   I refuse to give in and buy a new pair. It has taken me years to wear these bad boys in! 

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