I keep apologising for lack of content, mainly due to stress and uni work, and then I promise to upload more content but then never do, so I am not going to apologise anymore. Instead I am just going to ask you to bare with me, whilst I try and get through all of my coursework, and attempt to pass my third year. If you only take one piece of advice from me guys, let it be this: do not leave your final year coursework until the last minute, do not throw out your almost complete dissertation and start again, six weeks before the deadline, and do not two all nighters in a row and consume your entire weight in cereal.

Being moderately social, writing coursework, and having a job, all at the same time, is hard, I think my soul may be about to implode. Send help.

Summer is coming, and with that comes my ability to have time to read books I actually want to read, roll around in the sun doing things I actually want to to, and work on my own writing. Until then, please take this time to admire the elegance that it the little grumpy mermaid!

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