Photo diary: Tuesday.

Today is a weird day. I pulled an all nighter to try and finish an essay that I thought was due in this morning, only to find out that it's due in on Thursday. Oops.  I'm kinda happy really, because I got a massive chunk of it done, which means I don't have to worry about so much over the next few days, I can just refine what I have and expand it a little. You're probably thinking "why did she leave it all until the deadline?" And the answer to that, my friend, is because I work better under stress! I did all the research and planning and some of the writing over the past few months, but forcing yourself to work on something that you just can't concentrate on, is about as useful as a chocolate frying pan. 

I spent the night working with some friends in the university library, getting there at around 8pm last night, and leavingng just before 10am this morning. It's not the longest stint I've done, but it was one of the most tiring, so much history to grasp and form an opinion on in such a short amount of time. 

I planned on going to bed as soon as I got home, but my homeless cat friend, Jeff, was lurking by my front door and merrily strolled in before I could take my key out of the lock. Obviously I couldn't  kick him out, and he loves a good cuddle- which I would never refuse, because cats are pretty much the rulers of the word, and you don't want to piss them off due to reasons and things. 

The above picture is how I plan on spending the rest of my Tuesday, and it shall be glorious. 

How are you soenonf your Tuesday? 

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