#Secretbookbloggers Pen Pal Group // Thanks Bev!

It's not often that I take part in the penpal groups that I see advertised on Twitter, usually because my thought process is something along the lines of  'oh, I'll just favourite this post and then I will sign up when I next go on my computer,' and then accidentally forget about it. It isn't until a few weeks later when I see people that I follow posting about the mail that they got, that I remember about the initial tweet that I favourited and meant to respond to!

However a few weeks ago, I saw Lynsey post about the #secretbookbloggers pen pal group, and I signed up pretty much straight away - maybe it's because I was on my computer, or maybe it's because it involved books, but I honestly couldn't sign up fast enough. I recently decided that I want to get to know more of my fellow book bloggers, (after all we do seem to have something in common) so signing up for a book related pen pal group seemed only natural. 

We received our pen pals in mid May, and was given a few weeks to get to know them/stalk their blogs, Twitters and Instagram profiles, and then put together a book related package to send to them. Before I talk about what I sent, I would like to show off what I received, from the lovely Bev!  

First up is the letter. (I love receiving snail mail, it's so much more personal than an email other forms of modern communication) where I discovered that we were actually at the same concert last summer - Black Sabbath at Hyde Park. Obviously when you go to concerts/gigs you are surrounded by tonnes of people that you don't know and they have their own individual lives that you don't know about, but I've always found it slightly weird (in a good way) when you start talking to someone, and then realise that at some point in the past they were in the same place as you, at the exact same time, doing the exact same thing!  Does that even make sense? I don't think it does. Wow Kirstie, the 'continues to fail at writing coherent sentences and makes little to no sense' awards goes to you.  

I think what I was getting at, was that we spend so much time doing things that require us to be surrounded by strangers, that we don't take the time to actually see these strangers as people. I think it's because of this that when I meet someone new, and they become a person rather than a stranger, I feel a small inner amount of weirdness when I learn that other person was in the same place as me, for the exact same reasons.  I have gone off on a massive tangent now, haven't I?  To be honest, I'd be surprised if any of you are still reading at this point.

Bev also very kindly included some books within the package she sent me, which I was so grateful for, as it bumped my summer reading list up to a grand total of twenty-five. I like multiples of five, and before I received these books I was seriously considering cutting three off of my existing list just so it would fit.  If you guys haven't realised yet, I am a bloody weirdo. I've been told this for a majority of my life anyway, so I guess that it has to be true, haha!  Bev sent me 'Rock War' and 'Flirty Dancing,' along with some great reasons as to why I should read them, so you will most definitely see me write about them at one point or another over the summer.          


Bev also sent me a number of bookmarks, which I cannot thank her enough for. I usually just use random scraps of paper, or unopened bills that I am pretending do not exist, but I have started to collect bookmarks from libraries and bookstores and keeping them by my bed, so I know that I always have something to use that won't leave me with late fees, or angry phone calls from companies demanding their money.

I'm so glad that I got the opportunity to take part in this, as not only did I get to know some other bloggers within the community, but I got to get my arts and crafts mojo on and, and create a package for our incredible host - Lynsey!  Aside from the occasional doodle, I haven't used my Art A-level for anything except giving me enough UCAS points to get into university, so it was a great fun putting it all together. I recently went to Hobycraft to get some scrapbooking supplies, so I definitely took advantage of some of the things that I bought.  However, I got so excited about mailing it off, that I forgot to take a photo of it for this post, so I have borrowed this photo off of Lynsey's Twitter.

Edgar Allen Poe has always been a favourite of mine, so the little black classics have given me the opportunity to share that love with other people, and I got to *attempt* using my typewriter for the first time - it was a scary experience that I should practice before doing again. I am 80% sure most of the lines in the letter I wrote Lynsey were wonky, haha! 

Whilst I am here, I would like to thank everyone involved for this great experience, and hopefully this isn't the end of our friendship/social interactions. Maybe after a few more letters the next step should be a #secretbookbloggers meet up? 

If you would like more information on what the #secretbookbloggers pen pal group is, then click HERE for more information. 

Hope that you are all well!

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