Cool Things I Forgot I Own and Made Me Happy That I Exist

I was cleaning out my wardrobe the other week, and I came across a shoe box that I forgot I owned, and inside that shoe box was a bunch of stuff that I also forgot I owned, and it made me feel kind of happy. Memories are cool that way, the smallest thing can turn your day around and make you feel 143% better about your life. Here are some things that cheered me up.

That one time I met Christina Perri, and I was so nervous, scared and excited, that when she asked how to spell my name, I spelt it wrong. I forgot how to spell my own name, guys. MY OWN NAME. I've met her a few times since then too, and she got my name wrong, so swings and roundabouts I guess. Haha!

Apart from my friends, Cat and Cooper, I have never met an American who can pronounce my name right. Kirstie and Christie are two different names, Y'all.

I queued up for hours to see The Maine, when I was only going for the support act. Christopher Drew/NeverShoutNever, was one of those cool guys on myspace that made music, and I waited for ages after the show to see him, only to end up meeting the guys from The Maine instead, who were actually really lovely.

THE CIVIL WARS! They did a small intimate show at Rough Trade East back in 2012, and I was lucky enough to get them to sign a copy of their album, Barton Hollow. Joy was heavily pregnant at the time, and I spent the entire show planning what I would do if she were to A. Fall off the stage. or B. Give birth in the middle of the set. Each scenario ended with me saving the day, and us becoming besties! I also had a really nice hot dog that day. If you haven't heard Joy's solo stuff you should check it out, she has a PHENOMENAL voice!

I try and keep all of the tickets to the gigs/concerts that I go to. Until I started scrapbooking, I kept them all in the same box that I kept other things that I mentioned. I have thirty-three tickets here, and each one brings back so many memories that I am incredibly grateful for. My favourite memory has to be from the Paramore show I went to in 2009, where Hayley let a guy a propose to his girlfriend on stage, and she dedicated the only exception to them! Ahh!! <3

I also keep every card that I receive. If you have ever given me a card the chances that I still have it are extremely high (unless you wronged me in some way, or turned into a massive cunt, then I probably ripped it up and burnt it as a form of protest towards your existence). I am still laughing at that penguin one now. Amazon. Hahaha.


I'm not proud of this last one, but do you remember when cinema's actually gave you proper tickets! They should bring this back. Tickets are part of the experience too, Odeon!

Finding this stuff has made me happy, and it has made me happy that I could share it on the interwebs too. There was a whole bunch more, but I figured that there is a fine line between showing things that make me happy, and just plain showing off, haha!

Have you got a box where you keep fun things like this, I like to think I am a memory saver, but maybe I'm just a hoarder!

*Credit to South Park for the header image. No Copyright infringement intended.

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