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As we are now officially in the run-up to Christmas, I figured it is about time I share my ultimate book lover's Christmas gift guide! Everyone wants to buy their loved ones the perfect gift, the one thing that will make them light up and show them how much you appreciate them. I always find gift guides to be the perfect place to start, even if I don't buy exactly what is on them, they usually give me ideas that lead to me finding something that is perfect! 

Whilst bookstore vouchers are always a good option, sometimes it's not always the best gift. That's why I have put together this list of some of the best book'ish gifts that I have found from across the internet! 

With it being the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carol's, Alice in Wonderland, there are some great Alice in Wonderland themed gifts out there, however, this 'falling down the rabbit hole' necklace from Out of Print is a particular favourite of mine! This completely lead-free necklace hangs at eighteen inches, is available in both silver and gold, and comes with an Alice in Wonderland book charm! 

From the Literary Gift Company, this is the perfect mug for any book-lover! I can't even begin to count how many times someone has interrupted me whilst I've been reading. You could even go a step further and buy them some book themed tea from the Literary Tea Co.

I am a fan of War of the Worlds, so this one stuck out to me, but there is an entire range of great lithographs (or litographs) on Litographs.com. Each Litograph is made up of the text from a novel and is used to form an image based on the book. They have similar products available in Tee-shirt and tote from, each with their own unique design. What is also great, is that if you sign up to their mailing list, you can get $5.00 off your first purchase. 

Candles! Candles are a staple Christmas gift, and finding someone the perfect smelling one is always a bonus! With over fifteen different book themed fragrances from Frostbeard Studio, you're bound to find the right one for the book lover in your life! I personally love this one as it is 'Hitchhikers guide' themed and smells like fresh towels - Never forget your towel. Some of the other scents include 'Wizardy buttery drink' and 'Bookstore'. I bought a few of these for myself, so keep an eye out for the review! 

Book cover Tee-shirts! What says 'I really appreciate your existence' more than the cover of their favourite book, printed onto a tee-shirt!  Out of Print has a fantastic range of book themed apparel that features some of the greatest books of all time. And what is really great about Out of Print, is that for every product you buy they send a book to a community in need!

This 14 carat gold plated quote necklace from also from The Literary Gift Company is great for fans of Sylvia Plath's famous novel, The Bell Jar.

Do I really have to explain why this is such a fabulous gift? Also from Out of Print, this is a brilliant play on words piece that had me laughing from the very first time I saw it. It comes in both grey and white, and you can also find the same Poe-ka dot design on a zipped pouch and socks. Once again, the same with the shirts, for every product you buy, they will send a book to a community in need!

So there we have it, seven of my favourite book'ish themed gifts, for the book lover in your life! Know of something I haven't included? Leave a comment below, as I am always looking for some fun book relate items that I can gift people! 

Kirstie xo 

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