BOOK REVIEW|| Once Upon a Time - Out of the Past


I love graphic novels; I especially love them when I find one that isn’t about superheroes, and the drama of their superhero lives, so I was very happy to find out that Marvel had created Graphic Novels based on one of my favourite TV shows, Once upon a Time.  My friend, Cat, who is one of the best gift givers ever found this copy in Amsterdam and bought it for me for me last year, however as I have been so busy I have only just gotten around to reading it.

What’s it about?
The novel is comprised of four short tales that offer back stories for some of the main characters in the TV show, Once upon a Time. We learn of the history between Killian Jones (Hook) and his brother after the dreamshade incident, how Belle saved Rumples live, the relationship between Regina and Daniels brother, and how the Mad Hatter lost his wife.

Whilst the narrative of each story is interesting, it really is the illustrations that help to build conflict and suspense throughout the novel. Created by Kalinda Marie Vazquez, Corina Bechco,  Janet K. Lee, Betsy Peterschmidt, Pascal Campion, and Vanesa Del Rey, the bold illustrations and fascinating narrative help to build upon existing knowledge of the shows primary and secondary characters. 

As much as I love the dust jacket, I much prefer the actual cover of the book as it reminds me of the books used in the show.

This is the perfect book for any fan of Once Upon a Time, and I would recommend it to any Oncer that wants a more in depth back story on some of the characters. 

Kirstie xoxo 

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