So this weeks NYC post is pretty photo heavy, but how can it not be when on our second day in New York, we hopped on a sightseeing bus and made our way down to Battery Park so we could see
The Statue of Liberty. I have been wanting to see Lady Liberty ever since I first saw her on TV when I was little, so finally getting the chance to see her in person was pretty magical.

Even though we left pretty early, as thanks to the time difference I woke up at five am, we missed out on the tickets that let you climb to the top of the statue, but we still managed to get tickets to the island. The island tickets take you to both Liberty Island and Ellis Island, which offer fantastic views of the city.

Liberty Island, located in the Hudson river, was one of the first sights new settlers would see when they arrived in New York around the turn of the century. Just imagine leaving the life you know, to clamber onto a boat with hundreds of other people, spending weeks at sea, and then finally seeing the Statue of Liberty open up in front of you against the backdrop of blue skies, and the emergence of buildings slowly scattering the skyline. The adrenaline must have felt intoxicating!

It was terribly cold, and very windy out on the river, so we had to wrap up with extra layers. I am so glad I bought an extra scarf out with me, as I used it to help keep my hood from blowing off, and to keep my face out of the bitter cold. 

I suppose the drop in temperature wouldn't be so much of a problem if you were out of the river in the summer, as the breeze would be a welcome change from the sticky heat of city, but if you are going in winter, you should definitely bring your scarf and gloves. 

If you are planning on going out to the island, you should note that before you get on the boat, you have to go through an airport style security centre, where you have to remove all coats, jumpers, scarves etc.. and take out various items from your bag. 

It cost us $25.00 to go to both islands, which we paid for on the day. If you want to go up to the crown, then I would advise booking in advance, or getting to Battery Park as early as possible. 

I love New York, I can't wait to go back one day. Have you ever been? 

Kirstie xoxo 

† This post is part of a series. All views are my own and based on my own experiences formed during my trip to NYC February 10th-15th 2016. Click HERE to view other posts in the series.

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