Autumn Ninja Book Swap Blog Tour

I love Autumn. There is nothing I love more than curling up with a good book, a mug of coffee, and  big ol' blanket. I especially love Autumn because it's when Ninja Book Swap run another one of their iconic book swaps!

Book swaps are a great opportunity to meet like-minded readers, discover genre's you wouldn't normally look at, and give & receive gifts with people all across the world.

I took part in the spring book swap earlier this year, where I was partnered with the lovely, Ceri, and we have tried to keep in contact ever since. I found out that we both had a love of animals and Greys Anatomy, so we had a lot to talk about. I loved everything about the box that she sent me, it was so personal and really took the time to find items that I would love!

This October, the Ninja Book Swap is running two book swaps, the regular autumn swap, and a Halloween trick or treat themed one too! I have signed up to both, as I am in love with the idea of sending snail mail, and receiving mystery gifts in the post! Signing up is really easy, and the rules pretty simple too!
How does the book swap work?
Pop a message over to Bex at @NinjaBookBox then head over and sign up via this link, answer some questions, and then the Ninja Book Swap team will go through your answers, partner you with someone they think is a good match, and then boom, you send each other a parcel containing books and such!  For more information, the NBS have a 'how to' and 'FAQ' page on their website, which you can find here 

What I love most about the Book Swap, is finding little things I think my partner will love and then wrapping them all up and waiting to see their reaction when they post about it online. I love gift giving and making other people feel special, so signing up for this is perfect!

My past experiences with the Ninja Book Swap have been nothing but positive, and I can't praise Bex enough for the work she puts into keeping all of this running. I honestly reccommend signing up!

Feel free to drop Bex or I a message if you have any questions. The sign up date closes at midnight on October 2nd, so get in fast before it's too late!

Kirstie xoxo 

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