My Trip to Washington D.C


Way back in February I took my mum to The Big Apple for her birthday, New York is one of her favourite places in the entire world - she loves the bright lights, towering buildings and yellow taxi's that just seem to appear out of nowhere; I am the complete opposite, I love quiet spaces, culture and being surrounded by history. Honestly, I am such a huge dork, and after going all that way on a plane (I  hate planes) I decided to reward myself by dragging my mum down to Penn Station at ridiculous o'clock in the morning, fuel'ing her up with coffee and bagels from Dunkin' Doughnuts, and then jumping on a train to Washington D.C

I have always wanted to visit Washington D.C. It is a place that we see so frequently on the news with reporters outside the Capitol building or the White House, but D.C is so much more than that. Aside from the popular tourist attractions, there are a number of restaurants, museums, nature walks and historic things to do and visit. Unfortunately, as we went in the middle of winter and it was below freezing we didn't get to do everything on our list, but we did get to see a lot of the city under the moonlight! We missed the last bus back to the train station, so we had to walk a good few miles whilst barely being able to feel our toes, the upside of this was that apart from the odd homeless person or tourist, there was absolutely no one else on the streets, it was almost as if we had the entire city to ourselves!

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