Now I know you're thinking, hang on, why is she still posting about Christmas when it is nearly February, but hear me out okay? Okay!

I have been following Christina Bianco on Youtube for a while; she is funny, talented and has an absolutely phenomenal vocal range. You may know her from her cover of Total Eclipse of the Heart, where she sings the Bonnie Tyler classic in the voices of some of the most iconic women to ever grace the radio. You can find the original video here. She doesn't just sound like the Diva's she is mimicking, but her whole persona changes, and it is almost like she is becoming them.

When I heard she was coming to the UK and was going to be doing a run at the Charring Cross Theatre in London, I honestly could not buy my tickets fast enough. The theatre was a perfect size, and I loved the fact that it had been built in the alcove of a bridge. Here's the thing, everyone else had the great idea of booking tickets to see her too so we couldn't get tickets until after the new year (hence why I am posting about it now)

We got to the venue a little late, as we thought the time on the ticket was the doors time, not the start time, but the staff quickly ushered us to our seats, from which we had the best view. During the show, Christina and her pianist (I forgot the name, sorry) threw Christmas crackers into the audience, containing either a Diva or a  Christmas song, and at random intervals she would pick two people, one with a diva, and the other with a song, to create a completely randomised impression, which her and the and would have to improvise on stage.

Though she is mostly known for her singing impressions, she also does some wonderful impressions of actresses too, including Cheryl Cole, Sofia Vegara, and Drew Barrymore. She read The Grinch in a variety of different voices, my favourites being Sarah Jessica Parker and Miley Cyrus; Barbara Streisand also made an appearance to read extracts from her home design novel!

My favourite part of the evening was when Christina reminisced over her favourite Christmas TV specials and recreated some of the most well-known characters from iconic shows over the past fifteen years - her ABFAB and FRIENDS, fricken killed in. I laughed so hard!

Everything about the show was perfect. I loved every minute of it, and I would absolutely love to go and see her again when she comes back to the UK

She quite often asks people on Twitter what they would like to hear her do next, so if you have any suggestions you should head over to her page and ask her.  I personally would love to hear her read Fifty Shades of Grey as a number of the divas - Can you imagine Julie Andrews or Celine Dion reading it?

Have you seen Christina Bianco before? I'd love to know what your favourite interpretation of hers is!

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  1. Love this post! I've not heard of her but I'll definitely check her out!


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