Hi guys, today I wanted to write about my recent theatre trip to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. It was absolutely fantastic, and I highly recommend it to anyone that loves Harry Potter or can appreciate the magic of a well put together stage show.

I am not a theatre critic, so all of my thoughts and opinions are that of a fan and avid theatre goer.

My friend bought our tickets for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child way back when they first went on sale in November 2015, so needless to say, I was pretty much bouncing off of the walls when February 8th, 2017 finally came around.

We stood outside the theatre, ice cold wind beating against our faces, as crowds of people pushed passed us to take photos and collect their tickets; kids and adults alike had a sense of wonderment written across their faces - it was magic, to say the least. I can only compare the wait to get into the theatre to what Harry must have been feeling when he first came across the lake and saw Hogwarts staring down at him, even writing about it now is giving me goosebumps! 

The Palace Theatre was the perfect choice to host The Cursed Child, as the architecture fit in perfectly with the world of Harry Potter. The lobby, the bars, the staircases it felt very much what I always imagined Malfoy Manor to look like. I think size of the theatre works really well for the production, as it gives it a much more intimate feeling; I previously saw Wicked at the Apollo Victoria and The Gershwin  (in London and NYC  respectively) and whilst those shows work on a bigger stage, I don't think The Cursed Child would - Wicked is something you watch, The Cursed Child is something you are part of.

I went into the theatre knowing absolutely nothing about the play/plot - I have been avoiding all posts, tweets and news about The Cursed Child, as I wanted to wait for the play, and it was well worth it! This post contains no spoilers, so if you too are wanting to wait, then you are in safe hands. #Keepthesecrets

We saw both parts on the same day, which I would recommend as the end of the first part felt like a mid-season finale of a TV show; I am so glad I only had to wait two hours, rather than two days, two weeks or even two months!

Our seats were pretty good, we were sat at the back of the stalls and apart from the freakishly tall person that was sat in front of me I had a pretty amazing view. I didn't notice any blindspots, which meant we didn't miss any of the action and could see everything that was happening on stage.

Though the storyline itself was a little too far-fetched, the actors did a wonderful job portraying their characters. I especially enjoyed Noma Dumezweni (Hermoine) and Anthony Boyle (Scorpius Malfoy) as their portrayals were on point. I cannot imagine anyone else playing those parts as well as they did, so make sure you go and see it before they switch out the actors for new ones.

It wouldn't be Harry Potter without an element of wizardry, so of course, they have a stupid amount of special effects - and they all worked really well; from the zapping of the wands to entering the Ministry of Magic. I am still baffled over how they managed to create many of the effects and tricks, things disappearing and then reappearing, the transformation of other things, and everything else that I am not going to mention because spoilers!

Overall I really enjoyed Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, even more than I expected to. It allowed us another look at the Harry Potter series from a completely different angle and answered so many questions that I had been asking myself for years. As someone who had not read the play beforehand, the show was full of surprises and there was not a dull moment. The only thing I think would have made it better, is if they played some of the tracks from the original movie score throughout, or during the intervals.

You should definitely go and see it! 

Have you seen The Cursed Child yet? What did you think?  I know I definitely want to go and see it again as soon as possible!

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