If you are a regular visitor of Kirstiekinsblogs, then you will have noticed that we have undergone a little makeover! Sorting myself out with a professionally made layout has been at the top of my blogging to-do list for years, however, I never really saw the point when I was just hobby blogging.

That was until I graduated, and found myself with a lot more time on my hands. My evenings are my own again, I haven't got to find extra hours to get reading done or work on essays, nor do I have to spend more than twenty/twenty-four hours a week (depending on traffic) on cramped and smelly London buses. Instead, I get to do more of the things I love, reading, writing, flailing about in a permanent existential crisis, etc.. which includes blogging. 

Earlier this year I was contacted by Serena from Pretty Wild Things, advertising her skills and abilities, and before I had even finished reading her email I knew that I wanted her to redesign my blog layout.  She sent me over a little form to fill out, to give her an idea of what I wanted which I pretty much word vomited all over, and she somehow made perfect sense of my jibberish and created everything that I wanted. She designed everything from the header to the blog buttons, and everything in between. 

I loved working with her as she took all of my ideas into consideration and didn't mind when I rambled and went off on tangents. 

She charges £50.00 for a full blog redesign, which is what I definitely needed. Did you see the state of blog before she worked her magic? haha! The £50 is paid in two instalments; a £25.00 deposit, and then the further £25.00 after she has finished and you are happy with her work. The price includes header design, button design, the design of everything else, post signature, social media links and more, along with installation.

Serena worked so hard and made sure I was updated every step of the way. If you are looking to redo your blog layout, I would honestly recommend Serena

Please note, this isn't a sponsored post or anything, I just wanted to share how happy I am with my new layout, and the fantastic job that Serena has done. 

I hope you love my new layout as much as I do! 

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