Aloha!  Happy Second day of Booktober guys!

I hope yesterdays posts piqued your interests, as today marks the first content filled post of the month!

Like many of you, I have an evergrowing TBR list packed full of exciting and intriguing novels that I can't wait to sink my teeth into. However, I have recently put myself on a book buying ban, which I will be writing about in a few days, as I keep buying more books than I am capable of reading; I am also rapidly running out of room to store all of my books - I am terrible at letting go.  So I have decided that until I read at least ten books from my TBR list, and have found new homes for a good portion of my 'leaning tower Pisa' book stack, I will not be buying or accepting any more books.

That being said... It hasn't stopped me from adding book after book to my Amazon wishlist, for when I am finally ready to dive back in.

Here are a few of the books I am looking forward to reading.

1. Ink - Alice Broadway 

It is the first in a trilogy, so maybe I will just wait until they are all available so I can devour them one after the other, but that probably won't happen. I was hooked as soon as I read the blurb - it is such an amazing concept, and I am eager to see if it will be as good as I have hoped it will be.

2. Romantic Outlaws: The Extraordinary lives of Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelly -  Charlotte Gordon

This book looks at the lives of Mary Shelly, author of popular gothic, science fiction novel Frankenstein and her Mother Mary Wollstonecraft, an early feminist writer.  Both women have made an impact and helped shape the world we live in today. As a lover of literature, especially the gothic and early sci-fi novels, I think this will be a fascinating read!

3. Irmina (Graphic Novel) - Barbara Yelin 

This is a graphic novel based on a true story - A young German woman travels to England in the 1930's and falls in love with Howard, Oxfords first black student; they become estranged when she has to return home to Berlin (due to the World War Two) and will not meet again for another thirty years.

I love history and have been drawn to this book since I first learned of its existence. I really think I am going to enjoy reading this one!

4. Both of me - Jonathan Friesen

I found this book whilst attempting to do some research for a novel I was planning on writing (I've since given up on that novel) and added it to my wishlist almost right away.  The novel follows a girl who accidentally has her bag swapped with the intriguing guy she was sat next to on a plane. After hunting him down, he has no recollection of ever meeting her, which is when she discovers that he suffers from Disassociative Identity Disorder - also known as Split Personality Disorder.

I am really interested in how the author separates the two identities, and how the protagonist interacts with each of them.  I can't wait to read it!

5. All the Birds in the Sky - Charlie Jane Anders

Patricia is a witch that can talk to animals, Lawrence is a mad scientist. I am certain that only good things can come out of this novel!

Who would have thought that these two subjects would smoosh together to create an awesome sounding novel?  I honestly don't know why it has taken me so long to move it from my wishlist to my 'to buy list'

And there we have it - I could go on for pages and pages about all of the books I want to buy soon, but these are the five that I am most interested in adding to my library as soon as my book buying ban has finished.

Have you read any of these books? I would love to know your thoughts on them. Feel free to send some recommendations, I am always on the lookout for new books to add to my wishlist.

All of the above books are available on Amazon, and Book Depository. Just to let you know, I do use affiliate links on this blog, so if you buy a book using my link, I will love you forever as it will bring me one step closer to book buying happiness.

See you tomorrow.

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