Hello guys, and welcome back to Blogtober! Up today I will be sharing my review of Cara Delevingne's debut novel, Mirror Mirror.

I was really excited when I first heard of this novel, Cara Delevingne has been on my radar for a while, what with her being a popular model and actress, and I had a feeling that it would only be a matter of time before she pushed through into the literary world.

Navigating your adolescent years can be difficult, but sixteen-year-old friends Red, Leo, Rose and Naima have a united love of music that will keep them going through anything life throws at them, that is until Naima dies, her last words; Sorry.

The group split, heading in different directions. Leo falls into a state of darkness and despair, Rose becomes a wild party girl and Red? Well, Red has made it their mission to find out exactly what happened to Naima.

Nothing will be the same once the mirror is shattered.
I wanted to love this novel, everything about it made me think it was going to be a great read, but if I am being honest, I wasn't really that impressed. I could tell from the first few pages that I wasn't going to like the novel.

In my opinion, there are two types of YA novel, one that features teenagers but whose writing style is appealing to all ages, and the second that not only features teenagers, but whose writing style completely reflects that of a teenager. Unfortunately for me, Mirror Mirror falls into the latter of the categories. For me, the writing was a little too colloquial and pulled me out of the novel world.

The characters didn't really do it for me either - they were a little two-dimensional, I could have tolerated this if the characters were not so generic, but I also found it really hard to relate to any of them.

I feel like I am complaining a lot about this novel - there were some elements I liked. Ash was by far the most interesting of all the characters, a bad ass computer hacker with a little more depth. Ash definitely kept me hooked, and I am glad I persevered to the end.

Overall, I wouldn't say this is a bad book, but I wouldn't rate it as amazing either. If you can get on board with a 'young' writing style and 2D characters, then you will most likely love this novel.

3/5 stars

I don't know if it is worth noting, but I find it funny that the author's name is bigger than the title of the book - I am assuming that this has been done on purpose to drive sales.

For fans of Papertowns, and Dare to Fall.

Published October 5th, 2017 || 368 Pages || RRP £8.99

Mirror Mirror is available on Amazon, book depository, and all other places that sell books.

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