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Today I have a feature blog post for you, I have recently been talking with some of the people over at Healthlabs.com, and learning all about their vegan health tests. The vegan health tests are not only designed to help vegans figure out if their bodies are lacking in any nutrients, but are also designed to help others work out if they have any underlying allergies, and if adopting veganism can help combat the symptoms

Before we go any further, I will admit to you that I am not a vegan, but I am a big supporter of the vegan lifestyle - I am completely against animal cruelty, animal testing, and killing animals for no good reason (what good reason is there?)  The thing is, that doesn't stop me from eating meat

I try to live my life as cruelty free as possible, that is in every way except diet. I have tried veganism but if I am being honest I just couldn't hack it - I tried, I really did but after a few months I felt incredibly sluggish, low, and constantly lacking in energy.  That was until I caved and found myself in a Burger King devouring a big fat cheese burger. I felt incredibly bad, but my insides felt incredibly good. 

Since then, I have reintroduced meat into my diet but I still avoid animal products wherever I can - I swapped out milk and ice cream around six years ago, I refuse to buy leather, suede, and fur based clothing, and, I make sure all of the beauty products I buy are cruelty free. 

I feel incredibly bad about eating meat, but at the time I felt as though there was nothing I could do, without the occasional meat based meal my body was going to hate me. 

I wish I had heard of Healthlabs.com when I was going though this last year as doing the nutrient tests could have helped me to identify what my body was lacking and therefore I could have avoided the whole Burger King fiasco. 

Healthlabs.com  was founded by Fiyyaz  Piriani  in 2010 and offer affordable, private nutritional health tests. They are mostly known for their Vegan testing, which is comprised of a number of tests to help detect deficiencies within the body.The best part about these tests is that you can get the ball rolling from the comfort of your own home and they have 4000 trusted and certified locations all over the US that offer more than 500 testing options.

First of all, you don't have to visit the doctors office or the hospital. You start by booking a test at one of their 4000 locations country wide. You then go down to your chosen centre and take part in the ten minute test. Yes only ten minutes! After only three days your results will be made available to you online along with any other information you need to help you make any changes to your lifestyle.

The tests are designed to detect 11 of the most common nutritional defects - ranging from B12 to Calcium and Folic Acid. 

Unfortunately these tests are only available in the US, however, don't let that stop you. If you happen to be traveling to the US in the near future, you can take ten minutes out of your day to test yourself and give your body the nutrition it deserves. 

The tests are a lot simpler than you would think, and they are a lot cheaper too. As the company is US based, and primarily designed for a US market it is only fair that I compare the test to the US health pricing. After an intense google (why is it so hard to find out what a hospital is going to charge you?) I found out that in some states a nutritional test can be upwards of $1000. Healthlabs nutritional tests start from only $149 

Healthlabs.com have very generously gifted all readers of Kirstiekinsblogs a 25% discount on any test available on their website. Simply use the code KIRSTIEKINS25 at check out. 

I love the idea behind Healthlabs vegan testing, especially if it means more people can start enjoying the vegan lifestyle. Understanding the nutrients your body needs is a good way to help maintain your health regardless of whether you are a vegan or not. I definitely think I will be taking ten minutes out of my holiday the next time I visit the US, as this is a valuable health opportunity I would be a fool to pass up.

“To put it plainly, we’ve noticed the care that vegans put into maintaining a nutrient-rich diet, this is just the best way that we could think to facilitate that. - Fiyyaz Piriani 

To find out more information please visit www.healthlabs.com

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**Pun was totally stolen from Laurelei at Healthlabs - I am not punny in the slightest.


  1. This was such an interesting post, I haven't heard of healthlabs until now but they are doing an amazing thing :)

    Kate | www.katelovesx.co.uk

    1. Ikr - so many people have allergies or deficiencies that they are unaware of. I'd totally recommend being tested.

  2. I'd love to go vegan one day so I think this kind of test would be perfect for figuring out where I might have problem areas I need to keep an eye on! As you say, making such a huge lifestyle change can take a toll on the body so it's important that you know what you're doing!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety


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