Kirstiekinsblogs is a literary, lifestyle & travel blog created in 2013 by me, Kirstie... that's my name if it isn't already obvious. Hello! 

I created Kirstiekinsblogs way back in 2013 as a way to procrastinate, in fact, if you scroll back far enough I am sure you will find some very questionable content! I spent the first year or two trying to find my niche, however, I soon realized that niches aren't for me - I have never been one for colouring inside the lines - so I abandoned ship and went in my own direction. Here you will find book reviews, ramblings, photos, travel tips, my poor attempts at baking, and pretty much anything else.  

I never expected this blog to last more than a year, but you guys kept commenting and coming back for more. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for growing this blog into something bigger than a girl in her bedroom typing words for the internet read. It has been a true adventure. 


I hate talking about me, can we talk about you instead? What do you mean by no
Ugh, Fiiiiine.

I am Kirstie, a socially anxious weirdo from London, though if I am being honest with you, I wish I was from Italy... food, culture, history, what more could you want?

I graduated from Kingston University, London, in January 2015, with a BA in Creative Writing and History. After winning a scholarship I decided to further my knowledge and study for an MA also in Creative Writing. I graduated in January 2017, and am now teaching IT whilst saving to do a PhD.

Writing has always been a passion of mine, and my current goal is to work in publishing or finally complete one of the novels I have been working on for some time now. You can find an extract from my current work in progress, Alice, in, Kingston Ripple 2015. 

I am a keen traveler and explorer - as a lover of ancient history, I enjoy wandering through deserted towns, ancient ruins, and walking the path of the many people that have come before us. My dream trip would be to travel the length of the Silk Road from China all the way back to Europe.

If you love book reviews, travel tips, and existential ramblings then kirstiekinsblogs is the place for you. 



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