30 before Thirty!

  1. Visit all countries within the UK (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales)
  2. Visit Every State in America. (7/50 + DC)
  3. Visit The Grand Canyon, Yellow Stone, and Glacier National Parks. 
  4. Visit the History, Science, War and V&A museums. 
  5. Go to Disney World and the Universal studios parks. 
  6. Go on a European rail tour.
  7. Go to India.
  8. Visit Auschwitz
  9. Learn to Drive.
  10. Publish a novel.
  11. Win a literary competition.
  12. Start/Finish my tattoo sleeve.
  13. Get a degree related job.
  14. Move out of my parents house.
  15. Complete NaNoWriMO, at least once.
  16. Walk over the Millennium Bridge (in London.)
  17. Apply for a PhD
  18. Learn a second language.
  19. Learn Sign Language. 
  20. Bungee jump.
  21. Have a photo published
  22. 1000 blog followers.  (wink wink)
  23. Learn to knit.
  24. Bury a time capsule.
  25. Meet a penguin.
  26. Walk Across the Golden Gate Bridge. 
  27. Save £10,000.
  28. Move to a different country.
  29. Read 350 books between December 1st, 2015 and October 5th, 2022.
  30.  __________ (I am leaving this one blank so future me can add something at a later date)

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