My name is Kirstie. I am from London, though I probably will not die there.


Thanks for that title Collette; I feel as though it sums me up quite well. I was also considering 'last night I dreamt I went to the Golden Globes again' or 'when Kirstie Wheeler, of London, announced that she would be shortly winning the Booker Prize with a novel of much magnificence, there was much talk and excitement across her twitter feed', but I didn't think they would hold much gravitas.

I have been writing random posts here for a while, reviews, travel guides, nonsensical ramblings, but I have recently been a little MIA. MIA because the thought of planning, writing, scheduling, and whatever else you do with a blog post gave me massive amounts of anxiety.

It sounds cliched, but writing has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember; it also sounds cliched that I am noting the use of my clichè, but nevertheless, it is true. I attempted to turn my blog into a career and it took the fun out of it for me, so I have decided to quit. Not quit my blog, just quit the career aspect. I am a firm believer that if something is making you miserable, you stop doing it.

I am still going to be writing here, however, you can expect to find more posts like this. A blog is supposed to be personal, and I think kirstiekinsblogs lost that personal touch somewhere along the way. I was comparing my little blog to the big blogs with thousands of followers and was getting really disheartened when I wasn't seeing the results that I wanted. I was upset that I was nothing like these influencers that travel all the time and always seem to have perfect lifestyles. It is easy to compare yourself to people that seem perfect online; people only show their 'best bits' on the internet.

So here is the deal.

I am not an influencer, I am not perfect, and I am no longer comparing myself to all the big blogs out there. I am here, being my authentic self, writing for myself, and just generally being me. Follow me, or don't follow me, numbers don't matter anymore. I am not here to make money or pedal weightloss products, I am just here to write. Though, I will occasionally write in return for free food.

I am also going to start using from time to time.  There is nothing there yet, but I am going to be using it to document my writing career. I have decided that I would like to win a Golden Globe or a BAFTA, or perhaps be recognised by the Screen Writers Guild of America.

Until then...

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A couple of weeks ago I was sent a copy of One Would Think the Deep from the lovely people at Ransom books. Originally published in Australia back in 2016, OWTTD has finally graced the presence of U.K shores, and I honestly cannot wait for you to read it.

One Would Think the Deep is Claire Zorn's third novel, she is a YA superstar having won many Australian literary awards. Ransom Publishings newest YA imprint, Raven Books, are excited about their newest addition, and after reading it, I am too.

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Vienna Christmas Markets


Now that Autumn is officially here (and there are less than 100 days until the big C) there is only one thing on my mind... Christmas. I absolutely love the run-up to Christmas, everything is so festive and the smells that fill the air are to die for; food, candles, Gingerbread Lattes, the list goes on.

A few years ago, my cousin and I took a trip out to Vienna so we could wander around the Christmas Markets, and experience some of what Austria has to offer in the winter. If you have never been to a Christmas Market, then you are seriously missing out.

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