Guess who got inked!?


 Yesterday I took an adventure into my favourite past time, and got tattooed! There is no better feeling than walking into a tattoo studio, showing the artist your designs, and then watching them go to work on your skin!  Actually, if I'm telling the truth, the best part of being tattooed is feeling the needles weave in and out of your skin over and over.. If you have a tattoo, I'm sure you'll know what I'm talking about when I say that the pain isn't even a pain, and that it's more like a dull stinging similar to a papercut, only it's an addicting pain that you keep going back for! 

 The tattoo I got yesterday was my 9th, and by far my absolute favourite! I had been wanting it for about 4 years, but I never got around to actually having it done. So when my student loan came in, I decided to treat myself to an early birthday present and finally get it! 

A lot of people have meanings behind their tattoo's which I think is all well and good because I have a few that have meanings, but sometimes it's just awesome to get one because you're like "hey that's amazing I want that on my skin".  Their is only one meaning you should have behind all of your tattoos and that is "because I (insert your name here) fucking want it"

However, although I initially thought "I have to have that" as soon as I saw it, I have came to the conclusion that this is the perfect tattoo to describe who I am as a person, as I always have my head in the head in the clouds thinking about something or other! 

If you're a Paramore fan, you might get the reference as soon as you see it, and you might even know exactly where I got the drawing from!   The brand new eyes album came out in September 2009, and if you bought the vinyl edition you were given a copy of Hayley's 'lyric diary' and  next to the lyrics for BBBB there was a drawing that Hayley had drawn! I fell in love with it, and 4 years later I finally have it tattooed!  I've loved Paramore since I was about 14/15 (I'm 21 next week) I remember going to buy their AWKIF album with a bunch of pennies that I had saved up when it first came out in the UK!

I can't wait to see them play at Wembley on Friday, who knows... Hopefully I'll bump into them and get to show my arm to them! 

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