Emma Donoghue - Room // Review.


The first half of Donoghue's 2010 novel, Room, is set entirely in an 11ft square room, to which the protagonist, Jack, is being held captive. Jack has never left the room where he was born and is constantly reminded of this, by the blood stains on the bed, and rug. However, Jack doesn't realise that he is being held captive, and despite his mothers attempts to tell him, he is only interested in asking her questions about the TV world.

The novel, starting on his fifth birthday is written from Jacks point of view, from whom we discover through his words, and conversations with his mother, that they are prisoners in 'Old Nick's' shed. Through Jack's comprehension of events, his 'Ma's' words, and the readers ability to read between the lines, it becomes apparent that Jacks mother was abducted when she was nineteen and has been used as a sex slave for almost eight years.

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