Kerrang Internship


Last week I was lucky enough to fulfil a dream I have had since I was fourteen; to work at Kerrang! magazine! I would buy the magazine every week without fail (along with a couple cans of red bull), and I would read it cover to cover, before plastering my bedroom walls with that weeks posters. Kerrang! was the magazine that persuaded to pursue a career in writing, and after last week, I can safely say that hasn't changed.

I left my house on Monday morning to catch the tube into central London, my head full of ideas and visions of what it was going to be like. Tall building, one floor for each department, Ray Zell hard at work in a dark corner, working on the latest Pandora, however the second I entered the building, I knew it was going to be a complete different story. My expectations of fancy business journalists, writing about what ever band they were told to, was thrown out of the window, as I was met by a guy who couldn't be much older than me. He introduced himself, and took me to the infamous headquarters I had been waiting to see for almost seven years... and it was worth it.

Although my expectations were far from the truth, that didn't matter, because what I learnt was far more valuable than walking through a fancy office.
The people that work there aren't just music snobs, turning up to write something for a few hours, before going to sit in a wine garden in Hoxton and complaining about the economy. They are a laid back group of friends, who run a magazine. You can tell that they all enjoy coming into work everyday, to see each other, to write about something they love, and to make a difference in people's lives. and even though they barely knew me, they made me feel like I fit into their dynamic, which gave me more experience in the industry than I could have hoped for. In between choosing this weeks posters, talking about Flyleaf, being called various old lady names, cranking the stereo up to eleven, and going to see Black Sabbath, I learnt that: being the best at something is a good skill to have, but having an amazing group of friends to work with, is even better. The Kerrang! family is definitely unique, and I am so thankful for the opportunities I was given this week. And the free Sabbath tickets.

From my inner fourteen year old fan girl, and the now twenty-one year old that wants to fulfil all of her dreams, past-present-and-future, I just wanted to say thank you. And that, to anyone that ever gets the opportunity to fulfil a life goal or dream, grab it with both hands, and don't let go! You wont regret it.


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