I've finished my Degree


Cue stereotypical 'look I've finished my degree, here is my dissertation' photo.

I have finally finished university, which means I have more time to dedicate to the blog. If you didn't see my previous blog post, I took a break from here a few months ago so I could focus on working on my essays and writing my dissertation. After seriously messing up my sleeping patten, and spending almost thirty-seven hours in the library (I took a break and went for a three hour nap at my friends house, half way through) I finished my dissertation, and handed her in ten minutes before the deadline, and let me tell you, it was the greatest most terrifying feeling of my entire life.

I have been studying Creative Writing with History for the past three years, and before that I was doing my A-levels, and before that it was my GCSE's. I have never not been in education, so this moment is pretty scary for me. I have applied for a Masters, which I have received a conditional offer for, but this is the first time I have ever not really known what I was going to be doing within the next few months. If I don't get the grades that I need, then I won't be able to do my Masters, and then I don't really know what I'll be doing with my life. Ideally I would like to get a job, move out of my house, and contribute to society, but that fantasy is a long way off.

Until then, I am just going to bask in the glory of having finished my work, and wait until the dreaded graduation date, where I have to walk in front of hundreds of people and try not to fall over.

I hope to be posting a lot more on here in the near future, including my thoughts on the books I have included on my Summer reading list.

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