August Book Haul


Not so long ago you may remember me stating that I was making myself a TBR list and was only allowing myself fo buy a new book after every time I had finished reading five of them. Well, that didn't work. Maybe it was the pressure of not knowing when I would next be able to buy something new, or maybe it was because I got a little bit down, and instead of buying copious amounts of takeaways I decided to buy copious amounts of books.

How many? 
Well, I bought eight, I won six and was sent two to review. I shouldn't have bought any, I, however, have acquired sixteen. SIXTEEN. I am seriously running out of space to put all my books now guys - I am scared that if I put one more book on my shelf they are all going to fall on me whilst I am asleep. Maybe I can convince my parents to move out so I can use their room as a library.

What did I buy?
- The Communist Manifesto (part of Penguin's Little Black Classic collection) Karl Marx & Friedrich Engles 
- The Yellow Wallpaper (also part of Penguin's Little Black Classic collection) Charlotte Perkins Gilman 
I have been collecting these 80p classics since February this year, and I am still nowhere near having the full collection. I bought these two this time as The Yellow Wall-Paper is a personal favourite, and as a human and ex-sociology student I am kind of obligated to have a small soft spot for Marx and Engles. 

- Shaking Hands with Death / Terry Pratchett 
If I am being completely honest, this was an impulse buy. I loved the original speech, and when I saw this sitting by the till in Waterstones I didn't have to think twice about buying it. Plus it's really teeny and cute.

- Paper Towns / John Green
Pretty much bought this so I could see what all the fuss was about. Plus it's hard to judge a novel without knowing anything about it.

- The Opposite of Loneliness / Marina Keegan 
My friend, Daniel read this a while ago and has been trying to get me to read it ever since. It is also this month's #Sassybooks read, so I can hardly not buy the book I will probably be panic reading three days before I write my review of it. It does sound really interesting, so hopefully I won't be leaving it till the end of the month.

-Foxfire / Carol Joyce Oates 
After YEARS of this book being on my wishlist I have finally bought it, and I love it already. Yes, there will be a review. 

- The Picture of Dorian Gray / Oscar Wilde
I read an excerpt of a novel when I was around thirteen or fourteen and thought it was brilliant, only I could never remember the name of it, or what it was really about. Last Friday I was pottering around a book shop in Brick Lane when this caught my eye, and after reading a few pages I realised that this was the book I had been searching for almost ten years.  

- The Sky is Everywhere / Jandy Nelson
I fell in love with I'll Give You the Sun, so decided through a process of 'this book is amazing, to her others must be amazing too' to read Nelsons other novel, The Sky is Everywhere. I love her writing style, how she creates characters, sets scenes, and engages with the reader, so I honestly can't wait to read!

What did I win?
Thanks to the wonderful people at Hotkey moving offices, I got the chance to get my hands on some of their undistributed proof copies - which I think look absolutely amazing! The covers are so simple and give nothing away about the novel, so it really is impossible to judge it by its cover. 
I received: 

- Friday Brown / Vikki Wakefield
- Paper Aeroplanes / Dawn O' Porter
- The Ghost Bride / Yangsze Choo
- As Red as Blood / Salla Simukka 
- Jumble Cat / Archie Kimpton
- Being a Bot / James Dawson 

I love receiving book-mail so when the postman knocked on my door with a big parcel full of books, I couldn't shoo him away fast enough - I just wanted to get inside and tear it open! Although, I will say that the fact they are numbered is messing with my brain, as I now really feel that I need all the other numbers to make my shelf look tidy and organised.  

What was I sent?
Headline books sent me over two books to review which have been late going up, as I have had to take a few days away from existing and recharge. I have been incredibly stressed and sad over the past three weeks, what with my cat dying, being ill, and having quite possibly a twelve-hour panic fuelled anxiety moment on the way back from Paris.  

They sent me:

The Iron Ghost / Jen Williams
Nymphs / Sari Luhtanen & Mikko Oikkonen 

Both of which seem really cool and I can't wait to share my views with you guys! 


I now have even more books to try and make my way through. I mean it this time, no more book buying until I have read a good proportion of my current TBR list! 

Do you have any recommendations? What was the last book you bought? Please say I am not the only one who buys books faster than I can read them! 

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