Apologies for our unscheduled intermission


So here's the thing. I started university again a few weeks ago and have found little to no time to do extra curricular fun things such as blogging and reading - this makes me really sad. However, that being said I am having so much fun doing my Masters Degree that I am not sure if I actually care about missing out of fun things. Don't get me wrong, I love blogging, but reading about literary theories and critiquing other people's work gives me a certain joy that you just don't get from blogging. I feel like my opinions towards these people's writing is making a difference, and that makes me happy, so yay. There are some negatives though - I don't know these people. Part of the reason why I loved my undergrad so much, was the fact that I loved the people in my classes, I didn;t know them, but I loved them, that one guy and his super loud and annoying laugh, the girl that scrunched up in her chair every lesson, the group of people that would wander in 10 minutes late - they all made that course and my university experience unique, and now they're gone. They have gone off to other universities, into jobs, into life, and I am sat here wishing I could trade all of these new people for my old people. I miss them.

I hate change, but change is supposed to do you good, right? Supposed to being the key statement in that statement.

Where was I? Oh yes. I am hoping to resume regular blogging next week, but I may keep it to one post a week until I can completely figure out my timetable.

Hope you're having a good autumn, and please recommend me some new books to read. My two-hour bus journey home is driving me crazy.

Peace, love and sausage rolls


PS. Who else is going to YA Shot at the end of the month?

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