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So today I discovered that I do not like Iced Coffee. I love regular coffee, so I figured I would love Iced Coffee too, but it is actually really disgusting! Stay with me, this isn't a completely pointless post I promise it's going somewhere!

I am twenty-three years old, and today I discovered that I don't like Iced Coffee! Yes, I said that a minute ago but do you not know what this means!? Of course, you don't because I haven't got to the point yet!  I found out that I don't like Iced Coffee, which obviously I didn't realise yesterday so that means after being alive for just over twenty-three years, I am still learning new things about myself! 

No matter how old you are, no matter where your life goes, you will find something out about yourself that you didn't know the day before. You will never stop discovering who you are because you will never stop becoming who you are! Every day you become a little bit more you than the you were the day before. However, that doesn't mean life is the journey of finding your 'youness' it just means it's a journey of discovering your 'youness'! In the words of our very own Mother Monster, you were born this way! You were born you! so you cannot become what you already are... you just need to discover what is locked away inside of you! 

Today I discovered that I don't like iced coffee, and I'm okay with that! 

Kirstie xoxo 

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