The story of Harrold Bartholomeow


If it isn't abundantly obvious, I am obsessed with my cat. Harry (full name: Harrold Bartholomeow) had a bit of a rough start in life, he was handed into my local vet as a tiny stray kitten starving and absolutely full of fleas, he spent three weeks there as they nursed him back to health and tried to find his owners, fortunately for me no one came forward to claim him. 

The first time I met Harry. 
As it happens, my mum and I are friends with the staff at that particular vet, and they told us about this poor little affectionate stray that had been handed into them. It was a bit of a sad time for us as our other cat, Dexter, had recently passed away, but we both instantly fell in love with his little tabby face and cheeky nature that we asked if we could adopt him. The staff at the vets agreed and were so happy that they had found him a home. 

He couldn't leave for a week as he was still not one hundred percent healthy,  but I popped in a few times to see him so he would have at least one recognisable face when we could finally take him home. 

The vets were sad to see him go, and insisted that we take a collection of toys that he had taken a liking to (including one of those giant dog tugging ropes) as well as a bunch of treats and food. They love it whenever we take him in, and he always gets lots of fuss and cuddles from everyone that remembers him when he was a baby. 

Although he has grown out of his cute little kitten face, he has become an adorable cat, that I can't help but show to everyone I meet. He is so loving and has a proper little personality. Would you believe me if I said, whenever I sneeze, he comes running from wherever he is in the house and meows at me - basically my cat says 'bless you!' 

I am so glad that his previous owners neglected him, because it gave me the chance to adopt him, and give him all the love and attention he deserves. He definitely gets spoiled! 

If you are looking to own a cat or any other animal, then look at adopting from local shelters, or vets, and give a home to an animal that may not have had the best start in life.  

I couldn't post this post without showing off my other cat, George. He is really shy, so doesn't always come out for photos, but I love this one!
Do you have any pets? Share your stories and photos about them below, I'd love to know all about your little fur babies.

If you want to see any more photos of Harry, then check out the Instagram hashtag #HarroldBartholomeow

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