I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner, it only seems like yesterday I was packing away the decorations from last year and trying to find space for my newly acquired gifts! I have to say I am very excited about this Christmas as I have bought some cracking gifts for my loved ones this year, I can't wait to see their faces!

One of my favourite things about Christmas is snuggling up with some popcorn, hot chocolate and a good Christmas movie, however, it's always hard to pick which one I want to watch.  I wanted to make a list of my top five, but I just couldn't narrow it down, so here is a list of my top six instead!

Love Actually
 It's a staple of any Christmas movie list really. It has drama, romance, comedy, that scene with Hugh Grant dancing around number 10! How can you not love it? 

It's a Wonderful Life
 This movie makes me bawl every time I watch it. I remember watching it when I was a kid, and it has stuck with me ever since. It is one of those movies that leave you feeling lie no matter what you are going through in life, everything will be okay. If you haven't watched it you really should! 

The Grinch
 The Grinch is my spirit animal. His sarcasm. His irritable nature. The way his heart grows when people are nice to him. I love everything about it! Fun fact: Cindylou Who is played by Taylor Momsen, frontwoman of The Pretty Reckless.

Another Christmas movie staple. Do I really need to explain this one? SANTA, I KNOW HIM!! 

Jingle all the Way
It's funny. It's silly. It stars Arnold Schwartzenegger - yes I had to keep going back and forth to his IMDB page to spell his name- definitely a favourite of mine! 

Mrs Santa Claus
In my opinion, this is the greatest Christmas movie of all time.  When I was little, thanks to watching Bed Knobs and Broomsticks, I became obsessed with Angela Lansbury, so naturally, I also became obsessed with this movie! It hasn't been on TV for a while, so I pretty much flipped out when I saw someone selling this copy on eBay for 99p!  This movie feels me with all kinds of warm fuzzies, seriously you should give this one a watch! 

There we go, they were my six favourite Christmas movies. Have I included any of your favourites?

Kirstie :)


  1. Haha, you have indeed included one of my favourites, Love Actually, featuring Bill Nighy in the buff! I also love The Nightmare Before Christmas, it's so clever and so funny. I'm going to let Flora watch it this year now she's older - fingers crossed she'll love it too! Happy Christmas to you and your family X

    Lisa |

  2. Jingle All The Way is hilarious! Great choices, I love watching The Santa Clause too... and there’s a really old one but I can’t remember what it’s called ahh! Going to have to cram some Christmas movies in next week!

    Claudia xo

  3. I'm not really one for Christmas movies generally (I know, I think I'm the only one on the planet) but I have watched love actually several times in the past. I've never got into Elf and my family can't believe it!

  4. I've never seen, or even heard of, Mrs Santa Claus! Need to remedy that this year for sure. I think my favourite Christmas film is Muppets Christmas Carol - it's just a tradition in my family haha! Although I do love Jingle All The Way too!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety


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