This month, Harry and I have had the pleasure of working with Purrboxes*, a unique subscription box for your furry little purr baby.

I personally love subscription boxes, the idea of getting loads of cool stuff through your letterbox every month is the best natural high I can think of, but getting something through the post that you can use to entertain your little purr baby, now that is my idea of heaven.

Our Purrbox order was pretty straight forward, you go onto the website, choose whether or not you want a one off box, or a monthly subscription, fill out your details, and then wait for it to arrive.  The only issue I had at this stage was Harry rolling all over the keyboard and sticking his butt in my face.

The box everything comes in is a really handy letterbox size - I say really handy because mine was delivered whilst I was at work. I hate coming home to 'sorry we missed you' notes and then having to traipse around the industrial estate looking for the Royal Mail Delivery Centre; I've been there enough times so you would think I would remember to turn right instead of left, haha!

I especially love that the box was addressed to Harry, my mum couldn't stop laughing when she saw the address label.
Harry must have smelt the catnip through the box as he was all over the box when we opened it, either that or he was really excited about getting mail.  Everything was so well packed and nicely presented. The tissue paper was a nice touch, and doubled as an extra toy for Harry, as he loves batting around bits of screwed up paper!

Inside the box was
  • Dried Catnip
  • Lilly's Kitchen pet food
  • Mini Webbox 'stick' treats
  • Bungee Buddy
  • Webbox Chicken Fillet 
  • Cat Grass
  • A mint (The mint was for me, as mint is the closest (legal) thing to Catnip.. but for people)

Harrys favourite items were the Webbox Chicken Fillet and the Bungee Buddy. I made him share the chicken fillet with my other cat, George, who is usually very shy, but as soon as he smelt the chicken he was all over me and digging through the packet to try and find more. 

The only thing in the box neither of them enjoyed was the Lilly's Kitchen cat food, though I personally love the idea of organic cat food, but it was a different texture to what they are used to they refused to eat it. (They are so fussy, you try to do something nice and they throw it back at you, hahaha!) 

The cat grass was a really nice addition too, it came with seeds, Compost Pellets and instructions on how to grow it. It came with a months supply, and it grew really quickly. I planted it on a Friday morning, and Harry was munching it by Tuesday! I have found him a few times this week climbing up on to the kitchen side to get to it, hahaha.

Overall we have had a really great experience with Purrbox, and will probably be ordering from them again soon. At £9.95 including P&P, this is a highly valuable box, it allowed us to try different products that I would not have necessarily have bought. If you are unsure if it is for you, I recommend buying a one off box and then start your subscription once you are happy!

What do you think of pet subscription boxes?

*Items in this post were supplied by company for non bias review; see disclaimer for more information

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