Hello, and welcome to Booktober!

If you're thinking "Booktober? Is that just the same as Blogtober, except with books?" then you're right! This month, I will be working my butt off to bring you thirty-one glorious days of book-related content.

I have been wanting to take part in blogtober/booktober for a few years now, however, I kept making excuses as to why I should leave it until the year after. I would write down blog ideas on post-it's and little pieces of scrunched up paper, I would plan a schedule, and even arrange book reviews, but as soon as October arrived I would push it all to one side and forget about it. I think a small part of me doubted my skills and whether or not I was actually capable of blogging every day, whilst the other part of me was just straight up lazy and didn't want to use any extra effort. That being said, I have chosen to ignore all of that this year, and power on. I've been working really hard the past few weeks and I cannot wait to share it all with you!

You can look forward to reviews of some of the latest releases, guest posts from a number of other book bloggers and industry experts, author Q&A's, and, much much more! 

Also, be sure to keep an eye on Twitter, as I will be hosting polls and competitions throughout the month, with the first coming this Friday!

I still have a couple spots open for guest posters, so if you are interested drop me an email, and we can work something out.

See you tomorrow!

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