Hello, hello, hello! Today I am going to be sharing my first book review of 2018. As part of a blog tour, hosted by the lovely Jennyinneverland, I am going to be reviewing The Eden Paradox*, written by Barry Kirwan.
I was really excited to be given the opportunity to take part in The Eden Paradox blog tour, the whole premise seems intriguing; and as I am currently planning a potential PhD around the topic of Scifi in literature, reading The Eden Paradox seemed like the perfect form of procrastination!

A lot of Scifi novels involve aliens invading earth and mankind's struggle to defeat them - but what happens when mankind become the 'aliens' that are doing the invading?

"A murder... a new planet mankind desperately needs... a thousand-year-old conspiracy... What really awaits us on Eden? In a world beset by political turmoil, environmental collapse, and a predatory new religion, a recently discovered planet, Eden, is our last hope. But two missions have failed to return. Blake Alexander and his crew lead the final attempt to bring back good news. Meanwhile back on Earth, Micah Sanderson evades assassins, and tries to work out who he can trust as he struggles in a race against time to unravel the Eden Paradox..."

You are plopped right into the middle of the action from the very first chapter, the fast pace makes you forget about how little you know of the dystopian world at your fingertips, instead, you want to know why our current protagonist has murdered someone, and why of all places, he has stuffed him in a ceiling.

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