Despite living in London, it is very rare that I treat myself to a trip to the theatre, and even then, I tend to go for more mainstream plays, or something that I have seen countless times before (I'm looking at you Wicked) however, a few weeks ago, when walking down (or up... or possibly along) Tottenham Court Road I noticed an advertisement for a play that had pretty much flown under my radar. In big bright letters, shining out towards me as I was looking for food, The Exorcist!

I wanted to abandon my search for food and go and watch it right that second - but the performance had already started, so I settled for booking tickets for a show the following week - I booked seats at the front of The Grand Circle for a bargain price of £15.00!! I honestly expected that it would cost a lot more than that so as you can imagine, I was very happy!

The Phoenix Theatre is slightly hidden away, it's outside fa├žade isn't as notable as others, nor is it obvious from the hustle and bustle of Tottenham Court Road,  but it is one of the most beautiful theatres I have ever had the pleasure of setting foot in. From the very moment I walked in, I felt as if I had gone back to 1920's Italy - It felt very gothic, yet also very romantic at the same time, Mary Shelly would have loved to have met Percy here a few times if you catch my drift ;)

We collected the tickets from the box office, where we had found out that our seats had been upgraded to the stalls... only a few rows away from the front, which I suspect is because it was a rather empty performance - one of the perks of attending a midweek performance I guess!

The show was amazing. The atmosphere was set way before it even started, what with the gothic interior design and the eerie music that was played whilst people were taking their seats. It definitely gave me Disney World Haunted Mansion Vibes.

Apart from the occasional odd pronunciation of the word exorcism (ex-OR-cism) the acting was brilliant. And I am in love with the illusions, from drawers flying across the stage, to the exploding lights. I will admit that it is far jumpier than it is scary - but you could cut the tension with a knife, the audience waiting in anticipation for the iconic moments that they remember from the silver screen.

Throughout the performance, a smokey almost death-like scent fills the air which only intensifies the reality - this isn't on TV, you aren't in the comfort of your living room with your finger poised on the pause button - this is all happening in the very room you are in.

I honestly love this play so much, and I am gutted that it is closing on March 10th as I would love to see it again.

Edit: June 14th 2020. 

The Phoenix Theatre has to be one of my favourite theatres in London, and whilst The Exorcist has now finished it's run, I would definitely recommend having a look at what is on at the Phoenix when planning your next theatre trip! 


  1. I couldn't watch The Exorcist film, I found it far too scary so I'm not sure a live show with no pause button would be good for my nerves either, haha. I love your review though, how evocative to have a smoky scent. Glad you enjoyed it! x

    Lisa |

  2. I'm SURE I've been to the Phoenix Theatre before but I can't remember for the life of me what I saw there? The Woman in Black maybe? Anyway, great review! So glad you enjoyed this one. I've seen the film but I bet it's so interesting to see a "in front of your face" type version of such a terrifying story.


  3. Ooh gosh! Not sure I could handle this at all. I saw Woman in Black at the theatre and didn't sleep that night! :')
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3


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