As some of you may know, at the beginning of the year I put myself on a six-month book ban meaning that I was not allowing myself to purchase or acquire any books until June 25th. The idea behind it stemmed from wanting to read more of the books I actually own rather than keep buying new ones.

I am honestly surprised that I made it this far without breaking, I thought I would only be able to go a month, so making it to almost four and a half is definitely impressive.

I would like to thank the good people at Waterstones Uxbridge for helping me through this relapse, and when I say helping I mean, recommending more books and the encouraging me to buy them all in a single transaction. I would also like to thank the many publishers at the London Book Fair that just kept giving me books!

I suppose there are worse habits, it's not as if I am snorting coke or anything.

So which books have recently come to live at Casa du Kirstie then? Let's find out!

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