My thoughts on Internet Dating


Thanks to 4music, I have been watching copious hours of my favourite show of the 90's, Charmed. I know all the episodes line by line - but that doesn't stop me from gaining something new everytime I watch them.  The most recent episode I watched, Lucky Charmed, features a storyline where Pheobes boss forces her into trying online dating so she can write about it in her column, however, Pheobe has some reservations about trying it, similar reservations as to what any late 90's early 00's viewer would undoubtedly hold. But that got me thinking, do these reservations hold up nearly two decades since the episode first aired? 

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My Top ten favourite places to eat in London


Living in London is definitely not good for my waistline. It seems as if there is a new restaurant or cafe opening every week, and of course, I want to try them all! Whether you are into chains, boutique type 'pop-ups', street food, foreign cuisine, or elaborate desserts, there is something for everyone.

Here are a few of my favourite places to eat when I am out and about in London.

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Lettuce test your wellbeing with Vegan Healthlabs*


Today I have a feature blog post for you, I have recently been talking with some of the people over at, and learning all about their vegan health tests. The vegan health tests are not only designed to help vegans figure out if their bodies are lacking in any nutrients, but are also designed to help others work out if they have any underlying allergies, and if adopting veganism can help combat the symptoms

Before we go any further, I will admit to you that I am not a vegan, but I am a big supporter of the vegan lifestyle - I am completely against animal cruelty, animal testing, and killing animals for no good reason (what good reason is there?)  The thing is, that doesn't stop me from eating meat

I try to live my life as cruelty free as possible, that is in every way except diet. I have tried veganism but if I am being honest I just couldn't hack it - I tried, I really did but after a few months I felt incredibly sluggish, low, and constantly lacking in energy.  That was until I caved and found myself in a Burger King devouring a big fat cheese burger. I felt incredibly bad, but my insides felt incredibly good. 

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