Review requests and PR 

I am a PR friendly blog, and I am more than happy to work with brands, companies and other bloggers for various different features/posts. If you are interested in working with me in any way, shape, or form, please contact me at Kirstiekinsblogs@gmail.com. A media pack will be sent upon request.

This blog, much like myself is uncensored, unfiltered, and most importantly 100% real. All views are my own, and will remain to be so. I reserve the right to hold creative control and freedom over my writing.

All products that I am sent are described and reviewed using my unbiased and honest opinions. If I have an overall negative experience with your product, I will always contact you before posting my review online.

Unless otherwise discussed, I will choose how I want to feature products on this blog. 

Products will not be returned unless you are willing to pay for delivery. 

For all book related requests, please read the below guidelines before making contact. For non-book related requests please email  Kirstiekinsblogs@gmail.com for further information.

Book Review Requests

1. I mainly accept Sci-Fi, Horror, Suspense/Thriller, Graphic Novels, YA and (interesting) memoirs. 

Please note: I no longer accept crime/detective based novels. Due to the amount of requests I receive for this genre, your email will be deleted, and a reply will not be sent.

2. In return for free a copy of the book, you will receive a full and honest review based upon my views and reactions. If you require more than this please send me an email so we can discuss this further.

4. I will take up to 3-4 weeks to read and review depending on the size of my current 'to-read' list.

5. If I do not like the content of book in question, I will not shy away from this in my review. I will however remain unbiased towards the writing style, and review that based purely upon the authors talent, skill and abilities. 

7. All views are my own.

8. No e-books.


I currently do not offer advertising space, however, do feel free to check back in a few months to see is this has changed.




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